Hong Kong (1994)

2Chronologie 26:37
3Chronologie 35:46
4How Old Are You?1:18
5Equinoxe 44:45
6Souvenir Of China4:43
7Qu’Est-Ce-Que L’Amour?0:51
8Chronologie 65:10
9Chronologie 84:50
10Where Are You Going?0:53
11Oxygene 44:30
12Hong Kong Hostess0:34
13Fishing Junks At Sunset Part 16:10
14Fishing Junks At Sunset Part 25:32
15Sale Of The Century1:18
16Digi Sequencer6:11
17Magnetic Fields 26:25
18Band In The Rain (Unplugged Version)2:35
19Rendez-Vous 46:23
20Chronologie 46:38